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visa payWave is here

Your Lysaght Credit Union visa debit card now has payWave

What are the benefits of using my Visa payWave card?

Your Visa payWave card is an easier, more convenient way to pay for everyday purchases. It saves you time due to shorter transaction times and shorter queue times. You don’t need to enter a PIN for purchases under $100 and it’s more convenient.

Is this technology as secure as traditional Visa cards?

Visa payWave cards are just as secure as any other Visa chip card and carry the same multiple layers of security protection. Because your Visa payWave card doesn’t leave your hand during the transaction you remain in control of your card at all times, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Do I need a payWave card?

When your existing card is due for renewal, a new visa debit card will be issued with the payWave facility turned on. If you do not wish to use payWave , simply notify Lysaght Credit Union in writing and we will switch off the access.

What is the fee?

Lysaght Credit Union currently charges a fee of $1 per month per visa debit card. This fee will remain the same.  Remember, where possible, always select the credit facility when using your card as all credit transactions are free.



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