Lysaght Credit Union offers a visa debit card which can be used when travelling overseas.  Simply use your visa debit card in an ATM which accepts visa, or when making purchases and your Credit Union account will be debited.  The foreign transaction amount will be converted to Australian dollars automatically using the visa daily exchange rate.

The Visa debit card can be attached to your current working account or a separate account can be established and your visa debit card linked to this account while you are away.  On your return we will simply switch your card back to your everyday account.  You can keep track of your account via internet banking while you are overseas.

No matter where you are in the world, Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Australia, the toll free number for assistance is 1800 450 346. Alternatively you may place a collect call from anywhere in the world to +1 303 967 1090.

Order your foreign currency ahead of time before leaving Australia

You can order your foreign currency in advance and take the hassle out of queues at the airport. We will even cash in your unused foreign currency on your behalf and re-credit your account with the proceeds when you return from your overseas trip.

Please allow 2 business days for your foreign cash order to arrive.  We will contact you when your cash is ready to collect.  A minimum order amount of $150 applies.

How to order your foreign currency

Simply visit our branches in person, send an email or fax,  or call (02) 4226 5900.

The Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard is a reloadable, contactless, prepaid payment facility which allows you to preload your own funds in any of the available Currencies.

You can use your Cash Passport Platinum card to make purchases and withdraw cash overseas and in Australia wherever Mastercard is accepted. The Cash Passport Platinum can also be used online or over the phone at merchants that accept MasterCard.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your Card is lost or stolen, or you think your PIN’s security has been breached, you can call our 24 hour Global Emergency Assistance helpline for immediate assistance.

Card Services Australia: 1800 098 231

International: +44 207 649 9404

Traveller’s cheques entitle you to payment of the cheque’s face value upon presentation at a bank, retailer or bureau de change. Traveller’s cheques are handy if your travel destination doesn’t have an extensive ATM network.  Travellers cheques  are available in Euros, Great British Pounds and US Dollars.