We have a variety of savings accounts which offer competitive interest rates and a wide range of features to ensure you reach your savings target quickly and efficiently.

Our accounts offer many benefits. Our cost free transactions include

  • Cash deposit
  • Payroll – Whole of pay and deductions
  • Transfers internally and externally
  • Branch cash withdrawals (daily limit $1,000. 24 hours notice required for cash withdrawals over $1,000)
  • Branch cheque withdrawals
  • BPay payments
  • Periodical Payments
  • Direct debits and credits
  • Phone balance enquiry
  • VISA credit transactions

Everyday savings accounts from Lysaght Credit Union.

  • Easy access to your funds
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No account keeping fees

Our special purpose Lysaght Credit Union accounts are designed to help you save.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Long term savings option
  • Achieve your goals

Lysaght Credit Union offer a range of term deposit products to suit your needs.

  • 3-12 months options
  • Fixed interest rates
  • No account fees

Some Great Savings Tips

  • Set yourself a savings goal. It sounds simple but it all starts by setting an objective. Do you want to go travelling, get the deposit together for a new home or car? It’s hard to start saving when you don’t know what you’re saving for.
  • Establish a savings plan. Kick things off by working out a budget of how much you can realistically afford to deposit into your savings account each week/month to reach your dream.
  • Find the account which best will suit your objectives. If your objective is short term and you would like to have the ability to add to an account on a regular basis you may like to consider out 24 hour notice of withdrawal (NOW) account. If your objectives are long term our fixed rate deposit account may be the more suitable option. Lock away your savings for a fixed period of time, at a higher rate of interest and watch your savings grow.