BPAY – has arrived at your Credit Union

Introducing a more convenient way to pay all those tiresome bills.

No one likes paying bills.   It can be both time consuming and tedious. These days, paying in person or by mail is a thing of the past.

Why not give “BPAY” a go?

With BPAY you can make a number of payments instantaneously– over the phone or over the internet – around the clock 365 days a year. It’s easy, convenient and your payment will be received in 24-48 hours.

BPAY By Phone

All you have to do is call our phone banking no, select the BPAY option and follow the prompts to pay your bills. It’s  secure and as painless as paying bills can possibly be.

BPAY by the Internet

The best thing about Internet BPAY is that it’s visual.  You are able to view the details as you enter them.  You need not worry about security either. Internet BPAY has been specifically designed to protect your funds from unauthorised access.

There are over 4000 billers in the national BPAY network, including most councils, telephone companies, electricity and gas providers. So next time you’ve got a stack of bills to pay, why not get it over and done with in one hit, with BPAY.

Lysaght Credit Union offers a future payments system,  making regular payments a breeze. With our periodical payment facility you can “set and forget”, so there is no more worrying about remembering due dates. Just enter your payment details, payment frequency and payment date and it will be sent as per your instructions.  All you need to do is load the payment details and we will take care of it for you.

  • Make weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments
  • Payments received in 24-48 hours
  • Transfer funds to a wide range of recipients

You can arrange to have many different bills direct debited from your account free of charge. It is a great way to pay your bills.  All you need to do is provide the payee with your BSB and account details, make sure the funds are in the account and they will draw the funds by the due date.  Another handy way to pay your bills.

Lysaght Credit Union will endeavour to contact you if there are insufficient funds in the account to avoid dishonouring the debit (dishonour fee applies).  Please make sure your contact details on your account are current.

  • No transaction fees
  • Never forget to pay your bills
  • The bill provider has authority to deduct the payment