Lysaght Credit Unions 1st day of trading was on the 2nd May 1966.

A questionnaire was presented to the employees of John Lysaght Australia Ltd asking to show their interest in establishing a Credit Union on site at Springhill Rd Port Kembla. By June 1968 Lysaght Credit Unions membership had reached almost half of the employees on the Company’s payroll.

Perspective members were asked to complete an application for membership and purchase a $2 share. This system is still in place today.

Lysaght Credit Union was formed for the simple reason that the average worker could not obtain a loan from larger institutions such as Banks & Finance Companies. Our focus is still based on assisting our members with their financial needs.



Lysaght Credit Union has stood by its ethics for the last 50 years and endeavoured to maintain a high standard of customer service along with a wide range of products as well as offering competitive interest rates.

In 2013 Lysaght Credit Union introduced a new logo and brand. Our new logo was designed to reflect our long standing relationship with the employees of Bluescope Steel and Lysaght. The idea of a house with a corrugated roof represents Bluescope steel and the house symbolises a strong family bond.

Lysaght Credit Union is working towards both membership and loan growth and progressing into the future. Your recommendation is an important part of our future. If you are happy with Lysaght Credit Union then spread the word.