As a member of Lysaght Credit Union you receive the benefits of a mutual organisation. As a mutual, the profits made are returned to members by offering competitive interest rates, lower fees and charges, an outstanding product range and personalised customer service.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to Bluescope Steel & Lysaght employees and subsidiaries, associated contractors, family and friends and members of the public.

For information regarding membership please contact Lysaght Credit Union to talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives today on (02) 42265900.

How to Join

To join Lysaght Credit Union you will be required to complete an application for membership form, provide 100 points of identification and pay a $2 share. This share will be held until you close your membership, at which time the full value of your share will be returned to you. No dividend or interest is paid on the share.

All shareholders have an equal shareholding (one share) and the same rights and responsibilities. The rights and responsibilities you assume when you join the credit union include:

  • The right to vote at Special and Annual General Meetings on issues affecting your credit union.
  • The right to stand for or elect from the membership a Board of Directors who are given the responsibility of running our credit union on your behalf.
  • Operating the credit union account in accordance with the Constitution of the credit union.


All account signatories need to be identified under AML (anti money laundering) legislation.

A copy of your identification documents will be kept on file at Lysaght Credit Union.  We have 3 staff members who are JP’s.